Superior Health Club of Crystal Lake Corporate Wellness

Corporate Memberships

The Superior 24/7 Health Club Corporate Membership Program is designed to improve your company’s efficiency, productivity and save money.

By implementing these programs, companies can decrease insurance costs, reduce workers compensation costs, implement weight loss challenges along with having healthier, more productive employees.

Why Superior 24/7 Health Club Corporate Membership Program is a fit for your company

There are several health and fitness facilities in the community and each of them is competing for your business. They all promise the best rates, the best equipment, and the best reputation. Rather than offer empty promises, below are some facts about Superior 24/7 Health Club that will help you make an informed decision for your company.

Fact #1 – Convenience

Located on the corner of Main and Route 14 just a 1/2 block west of Main Street across from Wendy’s and next to Jiffy Lube, Superior Health Club is right in the heart of Crystal Lake. You won’t have to fight traffic to get here whether you come in for a morning workout, during your lunch break, or after work.

Fact #2 – Personalized Attention

It is our priority to become acquainted with each individual and company that joins Superior 24/7 Health Club. Our trainers and staff aim to develop personal relationships with our members to better attend to specific needs and tailor programs to each member’s goals.

Fact #3 – Accountability

At Superior 24/7 Health Club we are committed to ensuring our members are receiving the best value for their investment. Our purpose is not to just get you through our door, but to get you through the door and then see you reach your fitness potential. We are here for you whether you need to know your body fat percentage, get a jump-start on a new fitness regimen or learn some tips to make your workout more productive.

Fact #4 – Environment

The best way to describe Superior 24/7 Health Club is not by what we say, but what our members say. Comfortable and personable, because we are open 24/7 you choose the time that best fits your schedule, if you want to come during off hours when the gym is least crowded it’s your choice. . Our facility is always clean. And again, our staff is always ready-available to meet your needs! It is like walking into your own personal gym shared amongst a few friends!

Benefits of Corporate Wellness


Positive Return on Investment

No decision-maker would deny that one has to spend money to make money, as the familiar saying goes. Once the initial investment is made, a fitness or wellness program will immediately start paying for itself provided that it’s properly promoted and maintained, and, eventually, realize concrete savings for the company.

Motorola invests $6 million annually into its Wellness Initiatives program, which promotes the long-term health of its employees, family members, and retirees. For every $1 that Motorola has invested in the program, $3.93 has been saved. US Department of Health and Human Services. Prevention Makes Common Cents. September 2003

Reduced Absenteeism and Disability Time

The Surgeon General has issued a new national warning label, similar to the one used for smoking, that reads: “The lack of physical activity is detrimental to your health.” Researchers believe that exercise helps to boost the immune system and increase strength, thus resulting in fewer incidences of absenteeism due to sickness or injury.

A study by American Sports Data, Inc., found that, on average, frequent exercisers among health-club patrons were absent from work only 2.11 days per year, compared to 3.06 days for inactive individuals.

Improved Productivity and Morale

Corporate wellness programs tend to improve overall morale, as participating employees feel better both about themselves and their companies. Such programs lead to a more energetic, positive, and productive workplace, thus strengthening a company and helping to position it for success.

Reduced Costs and Medical Claims

The U.S Surgeon General reports that 75% of all illnesses can be attributed to lifestyle-related causes, and that 53% of America’s population is inactive. The more a business can help employees avoid illness and disease, the more it can manage its own healthcare costs each year.

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